Democracy Deficit

Cameron needs to address the Democracy Deficit.

FPTP isn’t working, it’s led to a shambolic mess and it’s part of a constitution that is in acute crisis.
There will be a referendum on our place in Europe.
I think that wanting to leave Europe is about feeling that we have no power in our country.
Yes, indeed, many people do not have power in our country.
If we’re going to have a referendum on Europe it needs to be in the context of new constitutional settlement in which all our citizens feel empowered.
We need electoral reform in Parliament that makes sure that votes deliver proper representation.
And if that means there are UKIP seats, that’s good, because when people are heard, that is good, and that is empowering.
We need a resolution of the relationship between the different countries of the United Kingdom.
And yes, we need a resolution of our relationship with Europe in which we have chosen to remain in the union.

It is so important that a new constitutional settlement is not imposed by a Tory government elected in freakish circumstances by an increasingly illegitimate electoral system.

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