From INDIGO GIANT, Dhaka Production Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

Indigo Giant was performed at Dhaka’s Mohila Samity in September 2022 in a really stunning production.

Please see the Indigo Giant website for more information, and there are links to some reviews below.

The UK production will be produced in Spring 2024.


Forget being shackled by social conventions; these women fly through the boundaries of time to bend, provoke, and rescue history. They render a future for the past. – Sarah Anjum Bari, Daily Star.

Theatre is that magic carpet which can make anyone travel between past and present… undoubtedly an excellent production. –  Proggna Paromita Majumder, Dhaka Tribune

Indigo Giant: A poetic tale of oppression and rebellion – Dowel Biswas, Daily Star