• from EXAMS ARE GETTING EASIER, Photo: Graeme Braidwood
  • Photo: Graeme Braidwood
  • Photo: Graeme Braidwood

Performed in The Door, at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 15-17 April 2010

If someone could listen, properly – what would you say?
Fallon’s yard – a once thriving industrial works but now a derelict wasteland. The place where the young monsters go. A place where things happen – mad stuff you wouldn’t believe…
A young woman lies in a coma after a brutal attack. A group of outraged vigilantes take to the streets. The police need answers and there’s one place they think they’ll find them. But Stephen, King of Fallon’s yard, has gone missing…
We may think we know why, but we don’t know why.
This sane and over excited, yobbish and polite play tackles issues of education, identity, belonging and self-esteem and in doing so, challenges perceptions of the ASBO generation.
The play was commissioned for and developed with members of The Young REP, and directed by Christopher Gorry. You can find out more here.
Photographs by Graeme Braidwood.