HIS TEETH was performed at the Only Connect space, 13 OCT – 12 Nov 2011

**** Evening Standard, Time Out, Whatsonstage.com
Evening Standard and Time Out Critics’ Choice
Nominated for Best New Play, Offwestend.com awards
‘Ben Musgrave’s His Teeth at Only Connect in King’s Cross, performed by ex-offenders and professional actors, is as raw as it comes, but also a devastating odyssey into a London underworld seen through the eyes of an illegal immigrant.’

It’s not so bad. To be a slave.
Your responsibilities disappear.
It stops mattering what kind of person you are.
Eric Adegeye has always kept moving, and relies on no man. In Lagos he runs smuggling missions in his dirty yellow bus. His restlessness drives him to England, where he is ensnared in a depraved world of forced labour and bad loyalties. When he falls in love with Sarah, can they both break free from the underworld? And then can he stand still long enough to find out who he really is?
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Photographs: Karis Barnard